Welcome Ryan Young, Oakville Boxing Academy

Please welcome the new Strength & Conditioning Coach, Ryan Young from the Oakville Boxing Academy.

Ryan has been an athlete since he could walk. He has excelled in Football, Rugby, Baseball, Soccer, Golf and played Rep Hockey his entire life. A Professional Boxer, since 2011, Ryan has won 2 NCC Professional Boxing Titles and over 20 matches.

As a career Sports Professional himself, Ryan fully understands the internal and external pressures an Elite Athlete deals with on a day-to-day basis. The advantage he possesses, as a product of his experiences, is relatability and accountability. Every minute of training counts. Used appropriately, those minutes add up to fulfilling the athlete’s true potential and building a champion mindset.

Ryan has incredible passion and dedication for training professional athletes. He has trained Rep and Professional Hockey players for over 10 years. His methodology of building core strength, agility, cardio endurance, and reactivity has supported many athletes on their journey to becoming the very best version of themselves.

His boundless energy, positive attitude, understanding of the game, ability to build physical confidence and utilize every skill each player has, makes him a world class Off Ice Coach.

Ryan is thrilled to be working as the Off Ice Coach with The Oakville Blades this year as they embark on this new season with determination, dedication, and passion for Canada’s favourite sport.