What Pink in the Rink Means to Blades Players and How Cancer Has Impacted Their Lives

OAKVILLE, ON - OCTOBER 6: Pink tape for Pink at the Rink event at the Sixteen Mile Sports Complex on October 6, 2023 in Ontario, Canada (Photo by Cameron Ernst / OJHL Images)

Prior to the Pink in the Rink game in support of Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House in Oakville, the players were asked what impact cancer has had on them and what this game means to them. Here are some of their replies.


Cancer is something that affects us all, whether it may be directly or indirectly. For me personally I have been touched by it with family members in the past, as well as through friends.
I’ve seen the terrible outcomes that these diseases can cause not only on the individual but the entire support group around. I hope that by us as a team showing our support we can do our part in encouraging more development on cancer prevention and treatment for the future.


With my grandmother, aunt, and cousin all having Breast Cancer at separate times. It has allowed me to appreciate the little things in life like an extra phone call or a short visit to remind people how much they mean to me!


Cancer has affected me through my Zia, Nonna and 2 great Aunts that have all had breast cancer and beat it. Unfortunately my Nonna and both of my great aunts died due to other forms of cancer.


Cancer has affected my life and my whole family’s lives. I never got to really meet my grandfather since he was diagnosed with colon cancer when I was very young. He unfortunately passed away, and all I have to remember him by are stories from my father.


Cancer has touched me in many ways. Cancer has taken loved ones away from me and my family. I have lost 2 of my grandparents and my father to cancer. This has caused pain for me and my family in many ways. I will always have my lost loved ones in my heart and will always keep a positive mindset no matter what LLJR<3


Cancer has affected my family as my grandfather passed away from it. Although I unfortunately never met him, he was a huge hockey fan and would’ve loved to be here watching and cheering for the team.


My family has been negatively affected by a variety of different cancers. From scary encounters with breast cancer to the unfortunate passing of my grandfather and great aunt, cancer has not been kind. I play for my family members who have had to go through this. I play for a cure and hope to raise enough attention to have an impact.


Cancer has affected my life just recently when my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer. My dad has been a big part of my life to keep my motivated and committed to everything I do. Ever since he has been diagnosed I feel that a piece of me has been missing. I Love him so much, I know that he is fighting against it so he can be with his family again.


When I was in Fifth grade cancer took my grandma away from my family and I, so being able to play for a cause that has affected me, my family and so many other people is an honour.
With everyone’s support I believe we can work towards eliminating this deadly disease while supporting the victims and their families along the way with love and generosity.


Sadly I have had two people close to me lose their battle with cancer. Both my step dad and my grandma suffered from this disease which was very hard on my family. Cancer effects everyone differently and everyone’s story is complex. Watching my family members suffer through this has made me realize how important it is for us to find a cure and do anything we can to help save people’s loved ones.


My grandpa passed away from lung cancer eleven years ago when I was seven. His passing had a significant impact on my childhood as I have many memories together playing hockey and baseball. I still wish he was here today to enjoy my hockey games. Cancer has affected my family in this way.


Cancer has affected me throughout my 2 sides of my family. My grandparents on both sides have been effected and other close relatives.


Cancer has directly impacted my family as my mother and granny are both cancer survivors. I’m honoured to be participating in this event to raise money and awareness for those families suffering with cancer. It is a proud moment for my family and makes me proud to be an Oakville Blade. With everyone’s help, let’s find a cure and end cancer in our lifetime!


Cancer affected me and my family when my uncle was diagnosed with cancer, he sadly passed away.


My grandma had breast cancer briefly when she was 67. Fortunately the doctors detected it early and she got a mastectomy while it was still early. She was fine and lived a long, cancer-free life after that. My childhood dog named Brucie (Bruce Lee) the pug passed because of a blockage in his kidney which the doctors said was possibly cancer. He was my best friend and I grew up with him so that one hits really close to home.


When we hear the word cancer we can all think of someone in our lives who has battled cancer. It has affected everyone in one way or another, and that’s why it’s amazing to see the community come together and support great events like our Pink in the Rink game!


I too have been affected by cancer in my immediate family. My grandmother passed away at the age of 54. Because of this I never had a true opportunity to grow up with her in my life.
Cancer has and continues to affect the lives of individuals and families around the world. But even in the midst of these challenges and trials it inspires an unwavering amount of unity, hope, and resilience. With that, together, we can and will triumph against cancer.


Cancer has affected me by plaguing my family tree. My grandpa passed after battling with cancer and I was too young to ever really get to know him. Cancer has stolen memories and time from me, as well as many other families.


Cancer has been/still a part of my grandmother’s and aunt’s lives for many years now, they both have been fighting it for 10+ years. My whole family and I were supporting/are supporting them in every way possible to make sure their lives are easier, knowing that it is a really hard thing to fight. Cancer rated second-leading cause of death in the world in the past century. To conclude, cancer is a really big problem that exists in the world, and we support anyone who is ever going to face it in their lives.


Having family and friends who have been diagnosed with cancer, I understand how cancer is unfair and completely changes people’s lives. Although I have not felt the pain or setback to those who have had cancer, I know how hard it is for them and I want them to know how brave and strong they are and that they are not alone. Tonight I am playing for everyone who has battled or is battling cancer as I wish them great health and strength to overcome their challenge.


Both my grandmother and mom have survived cancer over the past 10 years. Programs that assist families in caring for their loved ones are so important to the community. I am happy to support this awesome organization.


In memory of my grandfather Jim Allison who was a huge supporter of my hockey growing up and my dad’s professional hockey career. Cancer research and treatment needs to keep growing and developing, so that one day soon they will find a cure.